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Experts in the Industry since 1929.

CCC Washers, Inc. is a division of Charnecke Tents, Inc., located in Rosholt, WI. We have been manufacturing quality tents since 1929.

Over 80 years of experience has taught us that tents stay looking great for years when cleaned regularly in our tent washers. We have washers that are easy to use, portable, and sized to fit your needs.

For All Your Tent Washing Needs
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Proud Manufacturer of High Quality Tents & Rentals

 We proudly continue our traditions instilled by generations before us. Our family-run business includes both children of Ken Sr.: Ken Charnecke Jr. and Jenny Cole. We commit ourselves to not only providing high-quality Charnecke Tents manufactured on-site with additional celebration rental equipment to our newest expansion of providing a means to wash tents: CCC Washers. Born from a long-standing tradition of inventiveness, hard work and family pride.